Antalya airport (AYT/LTAI) is operated in Turkey’s primary holiday destination located on the country’s Mediterranean coast. The airport was built to accommodate the millions of passengers who come to Turkey’s Mediterranean beaches in summer. It handled almost 26 million passengers in 2017, more than 20 million of which were international passengers. The airport has two international terminals and one domestic terminal. Based on the projection from data from peak months, it currently has an estimated capacity of accommodating up to 45 million passengers/year, theoretically.

AYT has three runways. One is reserved for military and governmental aircraft. The two other are more interesting, as they are the two runways operating everyday to the other planes. There are many good photo spots for arrivals, but practically none for ground shots or departures. During our stay we did not have any issues with police or other authorities.

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Written by Jeremy Denton, Peter Psenica, Julian Mittnacht, Yiğit Çiçekci, Firat Cimenli and Jan Seba